xQc Goes At It With Ninja & Jessica Over “Paid” Charity Streams

Tension rises between xQc and the Blevins over “Paid Charity Streams” argument!

It started off with xQc saying “Do you guys know most charities we’re apart of, they pay these streamers to do it right?” in a Twitch Clip.

Then, Dr Lupo happened to watch this clip and then read a Reddit post on r/livestreamfails regarding him being paid to do charity streams:

xQc then responds to Dr Lupo’s tweet saying that “most people understood that top of the line charities with a good charity navigator score don’t operate this way, as far as I know”:

Jessica Blevins then replies to Dr Lupo’s tweet basically calling out xQc for trash-talking, and that’s where the tweets between the Blevin family vs xQc begun:

The tweets are still going, but we aren’t going to spam this article with a bunch of tweets. You can view the future exchange between the 3 on the Twitter topic “Ninja”.

Bonus – Alinity Jumps In, Just To Be Destroyed


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