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New Leaks Suggest Xbox Series X|S Launches on November 6th

New leaks suggest that Xbox Series X|S Could Launch on November 6th!

So, what kind of leaks are we talking about? Well recently, two people have revealed controllers that weren’t supposed to be shown. The first leak came from resetera, who revealed a white Xbox Series X|S controller. In that leak, he says that:

Apparently these controllers aren’t meant to be on sale until November 5th/6th and as such the warranty information for them ends on the actual release date a year later

At this point, you would think they would just reveal the release date instead of trying to be mysterious about it. People are getting these controllers three months earlier, so it has to be soon that the console releases.

Now, this second leak comes from the Senior Editor at Verge. Tom Warren received this picture from a “tipster” who had a box that read “DO NOT SELL OR DISPLAY BEFORE November 6th”, so it’s pretty much confirmed that Xbox Series X|S will be releasing on November 6th.

Now, these controllers are compatible with IOS and Android as well, interestingly enough. This may be due to their recent Cloud Gaming Beta testing, which allows you to play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games on any device.

You can also use these new controllers on your Windows 10 PC, which is nothing new. Hopefully, they allow you to connect your controller to your Bluetooth instead of using a phone charging cable.

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