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Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 Starts Tomorrow + New Glorious Skin Revealed!

Buckle up, because this is gonna’ be a big patch bucko!

As Wild Rift braces for the impact of North American players tomorrow, they’ve released patch notes for the big day. With this patch, they are testing out Position Preference, ARAM, and even a Wild Pass (Battlepass)! Additionally, Ranked Season 2 will be live as well, introducing the new Glorious Skin, Jinx! I am quite jealous that we only see great-looking skins only on Wild Rift… Then again, an overhaul at this stage of League of Legends would probably be uber-difficult to pull off. Anyways, here’s Glorious Jinx:

There will also be some more “goodies” included in this here 2.2 patch, so buckle up! Those goodies being 5 new Icons, 8 new Emotes, new Icon Border, new Recall, 3 new Baubles, and 4 new Rift Emblems! Don’t worry. I got this list right here directly from their Patch 2.2 notes:

Icons: Charming Poro; Rebel Poro; Trickster Poro; Hextech Jaximus; Jax Unleashed

Emotes: The Slow Clap; Much Rage; Just Peachy; OHMAIGOSH; Forgotten Birthday; Super Shisa; Choncc Chortle; Retreat!

Icon Borders: Hexplorer Passage

Recalls: Recall Port

Baubles: Whoopsie; Trusty Shovel; Bright Idea

Rift Emblems: Hexplorer History; High Tech Hexplorer; The Great Demacia; Noxian Power

If you plan to play Ranked, which a lot of players will, you need to reach Gold with 10 wins in order to get Glorious Jinx! As for the Hexplorer Jax skin, you need to reach level 50 in the Wild Pass in order to unlock him. Have fun out there Summoners, and remember to mute toxic players, or else you won’t be enjoyin’ your time on the Rift!

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