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Who Would Win? Hulk vs Doomsday

This debate has been going on for a long time now on the comic book scene, Hulk vs Doomsday: who would win? I am a Huge Doomsday fan; however, I’m going to be unbiased about this debate.

Let’s get down to business!

To truly determine who would win in this match-up, we first have to look at both of the brutes pro and cons. Each Brute has an upgrade to their current state, we are leaving out alternate forms in this battle like Zombie Hulk, Doomslayer, etc…


This Emerald Goliath is a very popular Brute on the comic book scene! He is known for getting angry, and then becoming stronger from that anger! That’s just the base Hulk though. What else can the Incredible Hulk potentially turn into during a fight with Doomsday? From what I know, the Hulk’s base form can turn World Breaker if angry enough.

World Breaker Hulk

Green Scarr Hulk rages so hard after the death of Sentry, he goes into a rage so powerful that one footstep of his shook the entire planet!  After being in that form for a good 10 minutes or so, he had gotten so angry, he was going to explode!

There are plenty of other versions of Hulk, but we are just covering the version of the Hulk that he turns into without being in a certain special scenario.

Sure, you could add Infernal, Devil, or Zombie Hulk into the scenario, but the fact is that Doomsday doesn’t have all of those alternate forms. So putting Zombie Hulk up against Doomsday wouldn’t portray the true original form of the character.


This Rock-like behemoth from Krypton is known for killing Superman in DC Comic’s Superman Issue #75. He can adapt to any lethal or fatal damage, and resurrect invulnerable to said damage.

In other words, if Hulks manages to kill him in one blow Doomsday can resurrect and be invulnerable to the amount of damage Hulk dished out.

Unlike Hulk, Doomsday stays in one state but can regenerate his Rock Claws quickly. You could technically say that Hunter Prey Doomsday is Doomsday’s version of World Breaker since he did become indestructible/invulnerable while fighting Darkseid and Superman one after another in Superman/Doomsday Hunter/Prey.

He was so strong that Wave Rider had to take Doomsday to the End of Time to finally get rid of Doomsday for good.

That means he can’t adapt to Entropy, so I’m also guessing he can’t adapt to magic like Superman.HP Doomsday was the last time we saw Doomsday in comics until New 52.

Now to end this debate…

Who would win between Hulk or Doomsday?

I believe that Doomsday would win in that battle, and here’s why. Even though Hulk is huge and green, that doesn’t mean Hulk is not still a human. A human’s anger is stimulated from the hormone and adrenaline increases in the body due to stress.  Even if his rage is increased due to a permanent mutation, the Hulk’s anger is still under a time frame.

Not to mention, there is a speed difference between Hulk and Doomsday.  The Hulk is used to fighting slower Brutes or just slower powerhouses in general. On the other hand, Doomsday has been fighting against powerhouse speed demons like Superman and Wonder Woman for quite a while.

For example, Hulk fought against Sentry at his max power and was brought out of his Hulk form when they hit each other with everything they had.

Another thing is that Doomsday will eventually wear Hulk out, again because Hulk is human. Hulk has a large stamina gauge, but after watching him and Sentry fight for a little, the stamina bar doesn’t actually seem to last that long. On the other hand, Doomsday doesn’t need to eat, drink, or breath to survive! Not to mention Doomsday literally doesn’t have any organs, nor a brain… So Hulk hitting Doomsday, is like Hulk punching a rock that is very resistant.

Technically, you could say Doomsday would be able to beat the anger (again, which is Hulk’s only way of gaining more strength) out of Hulk. His healing factor will whittle away with every punch back to back from Doomsday. The chances of Hulk winning against Doomsday are very slim considering Doomsday was already Hunter/Prey Doomsday when the fight started.

Last but not least, Doomsday is more than ready to handle what Hulk dishes out due to the fact that he survived a blast that had the power of 1 million nuclear bombs…

By this point in time, Doomsday is deemed basically invulnerable to physical strikes. Hulk can’t punch harder than 1 million nuclear explosions, if he can comment it down below.

Even if Hulk could, Doomsday has already survived from it and can adapt on the spot because Doomsday is already in Hunter Prey form from the beginning of the fight. What really matters in this fight is that species between each other. 

With Doomsdays speed, the fact that he doesn’t need to breath, and his ability to adapt on the spot makes this battle heavily Doomsday sided. Again, we aren’t talking about Devil Hulk or Zombie Hulk because that would have a different outcome obviously. We are talking about the Original (Keyword original) forms of both brutes and they fare against each other.

Did I miss something that might change the outcome of the fight? Let us know in the comment section!

Johnny Django
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