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What Ever Happened To Cube World, The Voxel RPG?

RPGs come in many different shapes, themes, sizes, etc… Cube World hit that sweet spot of being a Voxel RPG that carries a smooth combat system.

The first time I’ve ever heard about Cube World was in 2015, and I was given alpha access by one of my friends. When I played it, I was in love with the concept, the gameplay, and the world design!

I thought the loot was pretty awesome, the enemies were great, and fighting like an anime protagonist was amazing. The community thought the complete opposite of my thinking, and so I had to do more research.

Come to find out. The developers seemed to have given up on Cube World after publishing it to Steam in 2019. Whether Wolfram and his wife did give up, we won’t know because they disappeared without a word. This was the last post on Wolfram’s Twitter account:

This isn’t the first rodeo of going silent. According to the community, they didn’t receive an update on Cube World for 6 years. Now and then, Wolfram would tweet something about the game and disappear once more.

So, I started to easily see why the community perished and was riddled with disappointment. As a game developer, one of the worst things you can do is not answer your community.

End of Research

After digging even deeper, I stopped after looking at Picroma’s about page. It’s just two people, but at the same time, I get the feeling they don’t care as much as their community does.

I can see a huge disconnect between the developers and the community. They give their community no answers, and it just feels like a rerun of Anthem.

Whether they gave up or not, it seems like we will never get to witness the full potential of Cube World either way. Therefore, I will be closing this book and putting it on the shelf of “Had Potential.”

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