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Watch Dogs 2 Is Free-To-Keep on Epic Games!

Watch Dogs 2 Is Free-To-Keep on Epic Games, but I never saw an advertisement for it…

Watch Dogs 2 is Epic Games Store’s gift to their loyal community this week! As usual, the platform that has been covering for broke gamers like me has came through once more!

Watch Dogs 2 is up for grabs until September 24th, so don’t miss out on this offer! I personally, never played a Watch Dog title, but I’ve heard they were decent. No one I know who played Watch Dogs has ever said “This game is great”.

I’ve mainly heard “It’s alright” or “Not the worst game to burn your freetime to”. I will be grabbing this offer myself and I might be doing a review on it here.

I also started to notice that Epic Games hasn’t been advertising these giveaways. There were some games my friends didn’t even know that were free-to-keep because they don’t keep their Epic Launcher open constantly. I also didn’t recieve an email about the next games in line for Free-To-Keep. Oh well, maybe it’s just my luck with missing the news!

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