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Viego, The Ruined King, Model and Animations Leaked!

Viego, The Ruined King, model, and animations were leaked in the past 2 hours. As many of us expected, Viego would eventually be a champion soon because of his appearance in a spin-off game. That spin-off game, being titled “Ruined King,” gave us a clear-as-day look at Viego:

All that aside, we actually have some leaks of his in-game model and animations! Twitter user @pixelbutts managed to get a sneak peek at the upcoming champion:

Said to be a Jungler, Viego will most likely release soon after the start of Season 11 (Which is tomorrow). Here’s his concept art for League of Legends:

Let us know what you think about Viego down in the comment section below!


Johnny Django
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