Viego – The Champion That Literally Breaks League of Legends Often

I have never seen a champion break League of Legends more than Viego, and it’s ridiculous at this point. If you’ve played League of Legends since Season 11 started, I’m pretty sure you are already aware of the horrors Viego brings to Summoner’s Rift. This champion quite literally broke the game on rare occasions and made the player look like they are hacking in League of Legends.

His bugs ranged from gold multiplying to erasing matches from existence. What causes these things to happen, you may be asking, but I’m sure it has to do with the simple fact that Viego is literally every champion in the game combined. Am I surprised he’s this buggy? No, combining every current/future champion in Viego is bound to spark game destroying bugs. Vandiril has been covering this since his launch, and he has 21 videos of these bugs! That’s a lot of f***ing bugs, and I’m not going to post all of them here.

In-fact, I will only post three of the biggest shocking bugs so far that I’ve seen from Viego. Those three would be, erasing matches, gold multiplying, and 1-shot/20656879936 movement speed videos:

After seeing all these videos, I feel like he may never be stable. League of Legends will keep getting more champions until the game dies off, which is no time soon. Meanwhile, they will have to do extra work just to make sure Viego doesn’t delete the servers somehow in the future.

Written by Johnny Django

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