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League of Legends Victorious 2020 Skin Teaser + Upcoming Ranked Changes!

Teaser 1

Victorious skin teaser plus upcoming ranked changes to League of Legends, this is going to be good!

So, let’s start off with the new Victorious skin for Season 10. As always, they send out teasers of the skin before a week of reveal. Now, in these teasers, we see a trench coat, crystal blaster, and armor similar to Lucian. I’m saying it right now, it’s Lucian.

Some claims say it’s Jhin, but last time I checked, Jhin doesn’t wear a trench coat nor does he have a Crystal Blaster. Although, I much rather it be Jhin because he’s my favorite ADC, Lucian has always been dominant. Lucian is dominant in Early, Mid, and Late Game, as for Jhin is on dominate during Mid-Late Game.

Anyways, onto those Ranked Changes I mentioned earlier. These Ranked changes are something the entire community was asking for, and that’s the removal of Promos. Now they didn’t completely remove them, but they placed them where they needed to be. For instance, Gold 1 to Plat 4 still has promos:

This is major considering every promo they give you bottom-barrel teammates. The system is coded to give you worse teammates and harder opponents when you hit promos. I’ve been waiting for this change for a while now, and we are finally getting it!

Promos in Solo/Duo seems like a “One versus Five” test between divisions. Sure, you can claim that it is to prove that “you have improved”. That argument won’t hold up against the sheer fact that you have below average skill teammates while they have above average. Either way, it’s changing now so we won’t be having this argument anymore.

I feel once they go through with this change, players with doomed MMR will find less stress among the ranked ladder. I will also be talking about MMR sometime in the future.

Johnny Django
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