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Rumor – Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk Map Will Be Nuked Soon

This is a quick news update, but many leakers say Verdansk will be nuked on March 11th. Everyone is eyeballing the Nova 6 ship that is spotted heading straight towards the colosseum! These leaks have to be true, considering the Dev team even took a screenshot of the ship aimed at the map.

These leaks, of course, came from reliable Twitter accounts @WarzoneNewz and @ModernWarzone! As for the Nuke part you see in the title, it happens at the end of the “Outbreak” event in Warzone Verdansk coming this Feb 25th! It’s a nice tribute to the zombie series, especially since you nuke them often.

With all that being said, keep your eyes peeled but enjoy the Outbreak event while you are at it! If you are wondering why I didn’t mention anything about a jungle map, that’s because I don’t think there will be one. Players and Leakers have gone silent about it recently, so there’s a high chance it’s a lost cause.

Johnny Django
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