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Valorant’s 12th Agent “Killjoy” Has Been Revealed

Valorant just revealed their 12th agent, which is this gal named Killjoy.

This new agent deals with turrets, a grenade, and an ultimate that controls players in a radius. Well, that’s what we say from the trailer at least:

The reveal trailer for the 12th agent only shows three abilities, and I don’t understand the ultimate. Also, here’s a fun fact if you didn’t know that Killjoy was teased a month and a half ago. If you played on Split, there’s a shoe store on Attackers side that had a cardboard cutout of Killjoy’s silhouette:

Anyways, back to what her abilities even do. Some YouTubers like Remus showed what her abilities actually do, and it’s basically Raze but with a turret and an 8-second debuff…

The reason why I say Raze is because she basically has a Boom Bot that explodes on people in-sight of it, and she has a less-effective grenade. Now, what confuses me is her ultimate and why it debuffs you for 8-SECONDS?

This is only the reveal, so they may make some adjustments before release. Killjoy will be arriving in VALORANT Act II, which will launch in August!

Johnny Django
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