Valorant Announced Last NA Ignition Series Event “Pop Flash”!

Valorant announced it’s last Ignition Series event “Pop Flash”, with the same prize pool as their last one.

Remember when I said, “This may have been the final Ignition Series tournament this summer”? Well, I was wrong thankfully and now we have another North American $50,000 tournament on its way!

The Pop Flash tournament will feature eight teams with a $50,000 prize pool:

  • Cloud 9
  • Dignitas
  • Team Envy
  • Gen.G
  • Immortals
  • Sentinels
  • T1
  • TSM

This tournament will start on August 26th through August 30th, so these will be some intense matches similar to FaZe Invitational. If you don’t know already, TSM won the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational recently. They crowned TSM Wardell “Tournament MVP” as he eliminated his opponents throughout the last tournament, things may be different this time.

The North American Pop Flash tournament will be split into two groups of 4, and the victors from both groups will face off in a final match! I’m saying it right now, I feel like Sentinels will be looking to redeem themselves this tournament. Sinatraa was on a roll with his amazing Odin plays and aim!

On the other hand, we got Wardell who is a complete beast on the battlefield. He is possibly in the Top 3 for Operator users in Valorant at the moment. The way he moves with Jett made me want to start playing her, and I had no interest in that kind of playstyle until I saw him pop off!

This is going to be another interesting tournament, I can feel it! Pop Flash is the “fourth and final” North American event of the Ignition Series, I only see Valorant Esports getting better from here!

Also, I know this is off-topic but can we please get a replay system in Valorant? I want to see from a spectator’s view of my positioning, my angle peeking, and my spray/aim. Similar to League of Legends and hopefully we will get one soon enough.

That’s all for the details of this tournament! If you would like to read the notes yourself, you can click here. I want to know from you, who do you think is going to take the victory in the Pop Flash tournament? Let me know down in the Disqus section below!

Written by Johnny Django

Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.


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