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VALORANT Will Be Adding Leaderboards Tomorrow!

VALORANT will be adding Leaderboards tomorrow during the launch of Episode 2 FORMATION. Tyler Erzberger asked Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding about the leaderboards during a stream. Not going to lie, he had me in the first half but it was a premeditated April Fools joke:

So, there isn’t much to talk about because I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be KDAs, W/L ratios, and global ranking. Most likely going to be similar to the leaderboard in League of Legends. You’ll possibly see the #1 players for a week before it resets!

That being said, get ready for Episode 2 FORMATION: Act 1! Yoru will be releasing along with the new season, so have fun trying to play against him! Watch your back too…

Johnny Django
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