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VALORANT Gets HRTF + Viper/Yoru Changes In Upcoming 2.06

Better audio coming your way!

Gather around everyone, VALORANT‘s audio is getting fixed, and Viper/Yoru receive some changes! I won’t lie to you. The audio issue is one of the things I often complain about in this game. I use a Steel Series Arctis 7, but only on VALORANT can I not tell if someone is behind or in front of me through sound. Luckily, they are solving the issue by adding HRTF! Not only is HRTF included in this update, but some decent Agent changes as well. First, let’s learn about this audio type that not many know about.

What is HRTF?

I’m going to make this as simple as possible. HRTF, or “Head-Related Transfer Function,” changes your headset into a 3D Audio Space! In other words, you’ll be able to hear the position of your opponents better. For me, at least, I find it hard to tell if my enemy is approaching me from behind or in front if I don’t have obvious information on them already. It’s basically like having an 8-Directional Headset, but for free by enabling a new option they offer!

That being said, this new feature is seen in the patch notes of 2.06 and part of the reason many players are switching to Earbuds. You may have seen a pro player like Aceu who uses earbuds to hear perfectly fine, but it may be due to his outstanding game knowledge and reaction speed that helps him the most. Now, you can actually grab a pair of Skullcandy Earbuds and have the same experience!

Viper/Yoru Changes

These aren’t the only two Agents that got changed, but they are the most notable out of all the changes to Agents. VALORANT Korean Patch Notes give us a look visually at what they are changing, but first, let me tell you what they are changing exactly.

Viper Changes

Toxin (passive)

Enemies that cross through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit are instantly inflicted with at least 50 decay. Their decay level increases the longer they remain in contact with toxin.

While in cloud, Decay over time decreased 15 >>> 10

When out of Viper’s cloud, delay before health regen decreased 2.5 >>> 1.5

Poison Cloud (Q)


Can now immediately be redeployed when picked up, but grants a temporary charge instead of a permanent charge

If active when Viper dies, Poison Cloud now remains up for an additional 2 seconds, or until Viper runs out of fuel.

Pickup distance increased 200 >>> 400

Toxic Screen (E)

If active when Viper dies, Toxic Screen now remains up for an additional 2 seconds before deactivating

Full blind distance from the wall increased to better match the blind distance from the edge of smokes

Snakebite (C)

Equip time decreased 1.1 >>> .8

Practice Tools

In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Viper can hold down “activate” on Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to recall them

In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Poison Cloud’s landing location is shown on the minimap while equipped

Yoru Changes

Blindside (Q)

Flash activation time decreased 0.8>>> 0.6 seconds

Flash duration increased from 1.1>>>1.5

Gatecrash (E)

Gatecrash is no longer refreshed on kills and is instead replenished every 35 seconds

Lifetime of the Gatecrash fragment increased 20 seconds >>> 30 seconds

The range at which the Gatecrash fragment is revealed from stealth decreased 7m >>> 4m

Visuals for visibility range added to the moving fragment

Dimensional Drift (X)

Ult Points reduced 7 >>> 6

Yoru can now reactivate Gatecrash while in Dimensional Drift

In other words, these two agents basically got buffed. Viper especially knowing that her abilities now take you down to 50 HP immediately once passing through them. The Decay effect stays on, making Viper way more deadly than before. As for Yoru, they reduced the range that you can see Gatecrash from. This is a nice update, but Yoru needs way more than just that if he will ever compete with the other Duelists. As for when 2.06 drops, we have no idea for now. Keep an eye out for it though!

Written by Pierce

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