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VALORANT Has A New Game-Breaking Wallhack Bug After 2.02 Patch

VALORANT’s 2.02 patch comes with one of the worst bugs you can ever imagine, a wallhack bug. During a run with Yoru on the map Haven, he experiences the bug first hand by peaking a jiggle peaking a corner. After he jiggle peaks and spots Cypher a tiny bit, Cypher is perma-tracked as if Shroud had hacks. In this clip from Shroud’s stream, he jokes a bit by following the Cypher as he enters the site not knowing of the wallhack bug:

This has to be one of the worst bugs I’ve ever seen for a First-Person Shooter. Imagine how many people knew about this bug and were abusing elo because of it. Of course, this is also my first time actually seeing the bug in action. You’ll always hear a Silver or Gold player complain about “the enemy is hacking” whenever they lose a 1v1 gunfight. Well, now you can say that with ease, knowing there is actually a game-breaking bug going on right now!Β 

Hopefully, Riot will patch this Wallhack bug sometime soon before under-skilled players reach ranks they aren’t meant to be in. And no, Shroud is not hacking.

Johnny Django
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