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VALORANT Episode 2 “RETAKE” Cinematic Reveals Yoru

VALORANT Episode 2 “RETAKE” cinematic reveals Yoru, in a badass fashion! I’m just saying, if Riot Games actually decided to make movies, they would dominate that scene too. The new “RETAKE” cinematic features a 2 vs. 3 scenario with Phoenix and Yoru retaking a site!

Yoru put his abilities up for display, showing how easily he can deceive and sneak on his opponents! I’m not sure if you want to try it with a Sheriff, but there seems to be plenty of time to aim behind your foe. This cinematic also showed how easily he could flank while his teammates distract.

Cypher was distracted by Phoenix and got flanked, Jett played alone and got outplayed, and Viper ran it down pretty much. This looks like VALORANT, alright. All jokes aside, it will be hard to tell how this new agent will affect the scene during the first days.

Of course, many players will be caught off guard during their first encounters with Yoru. I feel like he will gradually become more predictable as time goes by. Does this mean that he has no outplay potential? Hell no, it doesn’t. It’s going to be hard to keep up with him due to his teleportation. It seems as though he can place it anywhere, but it might make a sound.

Anyway, Episode 2 of VALORANT will start on January 12th, 2021. This new episode will come with a new battle pass as well, so keep an eye out for an overview soon!

Written by Johnny Django

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