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VALORANT Anime Skins + New “Escalation” Mode Arriving Soon!

We finally got through to Riot Games, and they are putting out Anime skins and a new “Escalation” mode as well! Note, the Anime skins are of VALORANT Agents, not your usual pink-haired Waifu. Moving on, the GO VOLUME 1 includes:

  • Jett (Knife skin)
  • Killjoy (Spectre skin)
  • Sage (Ghost skin)
  • Reyna (Phantom skin)
  • Cypher (Guardian skin)

You can check this video out by RyanCentral & Mysca, who overview the GO VOLUME 1 bundle:

As for Escalation, it’s kind of like Gun Game from Call of Duty. Basically, you and your team need to kill a certain number of enemies to earn the next level, which will change your weapon. The first team to the 12th weapon change will win the match!

I personally like how it even rotates through Agent Ultimates as well! I didn’t state the exact details of the game mode, but you can just check this blog post out or watch this video.

This game mode will arrive tomorrow, and I’m not too sure when the VALORANT Anime skins are supposed to release. I can also tell many people are upset that they aren’t actual Anime characters. It is what it is.

Hello, my name is Kai and I'm a contributing writer for Digagami. I like to watch anime, play video games (League of Legends being my main squeeze), and share the news with you all!

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