VALORANT – 15th Agent ‘ASTRA’ Leaked

VALORANT’s 15th Agent ‘ASTRA’ has been leaked today! The leak comes from a YouTuber named SBGamer YT. If I had to guess, she has a blind, a smoke, a slow field, and a giant wall that blocks vision. This is probably one of the more developed Agents in VALORANT so far, but her Visual Effects seem to be too much.

As you saw, ASTRA has some very colorful abilities. Even better, she seems to have a lot of utility. So I’m guessing she will be a Controller, and the best if my guess is correct. The giant wall alone could be insane when pushing sites. What if the wall silenced on each side? Even more insane, that’s what.

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Of course, they will drop an Ability Showcase, and character reveal here soon! In the meantime, do you think this agent will be broken? If not broken, then the best Controller?

Written by Kai

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