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Double XP Live In BO Cold War + Upcoming Warzone Zombie Event!

Double XP is live in COD: Black Ops Cold War right now, along with sources stating a new Zombie Mode will be coming to Warzone! Just to get this Double XP news out of the way first, it lasts from Feb. 12th to Feb 16th, 2021!

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Alright, now we can move onto the Zombie mode coming to Warzone. According to some sources and even this news account from Twitter as well:

I was only told that there would be a Zombie event in Warzone, but this account claims it will have Elite Zombies, Useable Field Upgrades, and even Zombie Gadgets (Like Ring of Fire) as well. Everyone isn’t too sure what engine this will be on, and even I’m skeptical about it as well. In all honesty, I would love to see zombies in Modern Warfare’s engine!

EDIT: I wasn’t around for Haunting of Verdansk, so nevermind, I could totally believe they would add this as a game mode.

All that being said, keep an eye out for this zombie outbreak event if they are telling the truth! Usually, they do, but this is indeed a questionable yet great event to create!

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