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TSM Doublelift Announces His Retirement

TSM Doublelift is an amazing North American ADC pro player, but all that ends today. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has officially announced retirement through Twitter:

Just recently, Bjergsen also announced retirement and is now the Head Coach for TSM. This is the end of an era for NA for sure.

Prior to this announcement, he titled a stream “MAGA (Make ADC Great Again)” which may well be why he retired. In his TwitLonger, he doesn’t mention the reason for his dismissal, but this tweet might be exactly why:

Doublelift has definitely had a huge impact in North America, and it probably won’t be as fun to watch anymore without him. As he said in his TwitLonger, let’s see if the “newbies will take up the torch on that one”.

Also, that was a funny joke you made earlier Doublelift:

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