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TSM Bjergsen Announces Retirement and Moves Into Coaching!

TSM Bjergsen announces retirement and moves into coaching! One of the best North American Players has announced that he will no longer be playing in Pro Play but instead coaching it.

He has become the Head Coach for TSM! He announced this in his heart-breaking retirement video:

Bjergsen has achieved 6 times LCS champion, 4 times season MVP, 5 Worlds appearances, IEM World Champion, 4 times All-Star, and has played 8 Seasons.

Although he never made it past Worlds Group Stage (to my knowledge), he still can be considered one of North America’s best mid laners! Faker even accepted Bjergsen’s nickname “NA Faker”, which tells you how good he is.

It’s really cool to see a pro player move into the coaching role, I hate to see talent leave a league entirely. Hopefully, his coaching career will go well into the future, and maybe we will see North America win a Worlds Tournament for once.

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