Top Esports Reverse Sweeps Fnatic Out of Worlds 2020 in Quarterfinals!

Top Esports reverse swept Fnatic out of the Worlds 2020, that’s pretty savage. Fnatic had a 2-0 lead on Top Esports during the 3rd match, and then it went downhill for the EU team from there.

I’m not even going to lie, Karsa hard-carried the f*** out of Top Esports during the clutch hours. Karsa went into work overload to carry his team back into worlds! His Lee Sin was INSANE and he truly deserved this victory after that performance.

Unfortunately for Fnatic, they couldn’t finish Top Esports off and lost all their momentum. They did well this year and it’s crazy how close they got to move on. Rekkless worked hard this year, but that team coordination was needed in the final moments of these matches.

Top Esports has done the first-ever reverse sweep in Worlds Championship History. I’d hate to be that got reverse swept for the first time in Worlds history, just saying.

The only EU team left is G2 and they are up against Gen.G tomorrow. I have my bets on G2 winning this match, but Damwon may be the team to knock out the final EU team this year. G2 vs. Gen.g tomorrow, stay tuned!

Written by Kai

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