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The International 2019

DOTA2 Championships


The International 2019 Main Event is currently underway in Shanghai, China at the Mercedes-Benz Arena with a capacity of over 18,000.

The group stage of the event was held from August 15th-18th, 2019.

18 participating teams were divided into 2 groups of 9 each. The top 4 from each group, had to qualify for the upper bracket of the playoffs; the next 4 would start the playoffs in the lower bracket, while we said goodbye to the last 2 teams in the group stage.

Main event Schedule:

  • Main Event – Day 1 (UB Quarter Finals, LB Round 1): August 20th
  • Main Event – Day 2 (UB Quarter Finals, LB Round 2): August 21st
  • Main Event – Day 3 (UB Semi-finals, LB Round 2): August 22nd
  • Main Event – Day 4 (LB Round 3 & 4, All-Star Match): August 23rd
  • Main Event – Day 5 (UB Finals, LB Round 4 & 5): August 24th
  • Main Event – Day 6 (LB Finals, Grand Finals): August 25th

Various events are scheduled on each day of the main event as well. There is a cosplay contest, arcana vote as well as an all-star match.

All games can be viewed on the official DOTA2 TI channels at and also on

All games are also uploaded to DOTA 2 official YouTube channel.

The current prize pool on around July 31, 2019 was around $31,000,000. But since the prize pool is crowdfunded that number will likely increase before the total is locked in at the end of the grand finals on August 25th. Even if the prize pool does not increase any further, it will be the largest prize pool ever given away at an eSports event, and will make the players that win the competition multimillionaires! Imagine all the skins you could buy with that!

Check out the standings here:

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