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Webtoon Hit “The God of High School” Gets Crunchyroll Original Anime!

Webtoon’s “The God of High School” is finally getting an anime! It will be a Crunchyroll Original anime, and it’s coming soon as well! Check out the trailer for it:

Back when I never read anything, I started off on Webtoon and this was the first Webtoon comic I ever read! If you haven’t already read the comic, I highly suggest checking that out before it comes out soon!

Here is how Yongje Park (Creator of The God of High School”) describes the series:

” It all began as a fighting tournament to seek out for the best fighter among all high school students in Korea. Mori Jin, a Taekwondo specialist and a high school student, soon learns that there is something much greater beneath the stage of the tournament.”

Webtoon Description
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