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The Epic Store gets an “Epic” Boost

Amid new announcements about the Epic games launcher, the steam community has been in an uproar over the 110 million dollar venture with Epic Games by video game Titan company Tencent and their recent aggressive moves with Epic and the Epic Launcher.

Tencent’s Power Moves

Since acquiring Riot Games back 2015 in Tencent’s CEO Pony Ma has been on fire in the US Market. It’s been said that he was a fan of Unreal Tournament, so it’s only natural to hear that they also had purchased a 48.4% stake in Epic Games back when Fornite was in its early stages of development. Once again this proved to be a match made in heaven.

Photo by Zhejiang Daily/Imaginechina
Pony Ma (CEO of Tencent)

Since its launch in 2003 Steam has become the undisputed champion of PC streaming platforms. The traditional procedure for the PCM (PC Master Race) was simple. If you wanted to download the latest games and become a part of a really cool community. You went to the Steam, downloaded and installed the launcher and made it happen.

With the announcement that new titles that will be available exclusively through the Epic Game Store such as the highly anticipated “Borderlands 3” and more. Yee Yee…Cool right? Not so fast, partner, this move seemed to rile up the gaming community. “Reddis” and the non-Reddit community have not been feeling the new shift.

I can understand the thought of downloading another client that may or may not be as fluid or potentially bogging down your gaming PC is a real drag. But, I think competition is healthy and as much as I love the stability and efficiency of my steam account (which I’ve had for 5 years now), there really haven’t been enough consistent major updates to the steam client itself. A few tweaks here and there, but they have been mostly subtle.

Wait…Don’t Trigger!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some truth to the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, this is 2019 and the gaming competition is only becoming more fierce. I would like to see more visual modernization and improvements to the steam GUI. Nothing that would bog the client down, but enough to show they care about the members of the community who care about aesthetics,a little love.

Although it may have a long way to go to catch up to Steam client with universal acceptance (it’s good to see some making the PC gaming market a little more competitive and less of a monopoly), I elieve that Steam will hold the title as the de facto platform of choice and weather the storm. The competition should be exciting and breed new innovation for all of us in the gaming community. What are your thoughts? Do you think steam should be the only major gaming platform on PC, and will you embrace a new champion should they be removed from the throne? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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