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The Day Before – If State of Decay and The Division Had Offspring

The Day Before is a mix between State of Decay and The Division, and I love it! This post-apocalyptic America MMO features god-like visuals, stealth or all-out bang gameplay, and zombies… Lots of zombies!

As far as the story goes, well, it’s quite a cliche, so I’m going to focus on the gameplay for now! Hopefully, The Day Before won’t end up super-hyped to the point that the Creators ruin the gameplay by listening to poor community ideas.

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As for the release date, that’s up in the air for the moment. Especially since the game was literally announced today… It’s also an MMO PC exclusive, haven’t seen one of those in a while! What I like about the game so far is that Division feels with the gameplay of State of Decay on hand. What do you think about The Day Before?

Written by Johnny Django

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