Suicide Squad Game Announcement Trailer Revealed!

Suicide Squad game has a new announcement trailer, and it’s badass!

The Suicide Squad seems to be heading to Metropolis to defeat a Brainiac Invasion. This announcement trailer came from the DC Fandome, which reveals lots of awesome trailers for Movies and Games! Here’s the Suicide Squad trailer for you:

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark set out on another mission by Waller to help in a particular situation. Unlike previous adventures, this situation is a lot more dangerous than they’ve ever dealt with.

Brainiac invades what looks like Metropolis, and somehow gains control of the entire Justice League. Although the trailer started as a typical Suicide Squad mission, it quickly turned terrible once Superman popped around the corner.

Superman vs. Suicide Squad

Brainiac is controlling Superman in the trailer. If we are honest here, I’m not too sure how the Suicide Squad will ever beat not only the Justice League but Superman himself. They could always resort to the good ol’ Kryptonite route, but even that might not be so easy.

Also, I want to point out another thing here. Why do they continue to revert Superman to his older outfit? In the New 52, he has a way better outfit, in my opinion, but they insist on keeping the undies.

His attitude changes in the New 52 as well, he’s not so restraint when it comes to using lethal force. I just wanted to let you know that because the New 52 is the only reason why I started to like Superman.

Not only do they have to deal with Super undies, but their assignment is also to “kill the Justice League.” I am incredibly interested in seeing how these four can defeat the #1 hero league in DC. Also, this game comes out in 2022.

Written by Johnny Django

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