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State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Now Has A Care-Free Mode!

State of Decay 2: JE recently updated bringing in a Sea of Thieves pack and “Green Zone”! Now we can be a lot more care-free in this zombie apocalypse!

Update 18 brings an easier life in State of Decay 2! Green Zone makes zombies weaker, way more supplies able to be found, and fewer zombie freaks (Feral, Juggernaut, Etc…). They said this mode was mainly built for people to experiment or have a more laid-back time in State of Decay 2!

As for the Plunder Pack (Sea of Thieves collaboration), you can get a Deadman’s Cutlass, Sea Dog Blunderbuss, Blige Rat Shovel, and a Spyglass Rifle!

You can find these weapons at the Bounty guy, have fun out there killing zombies in Pirate fashion!

Johnny Django
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