Space Groove Will Be League of Legends’ Next Event

Riot dropped a “Lol pls” video today addressing issues, and revealing the next event, Space Groove! In the video, they address how they will “fix” the client. More importantly, they also gave us a champion teaser, that champ is dropping with the new event. The teaser features a cloth and a glowing sewing pin:

They called this champion the “Infamous top lane skirmisher.” So, I’m guessing this champion will excel at roaming and fighting? Won’t be too sure until they reveal them!

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Of course, we also have the Space Groove event skins coming as well. Nasus is spotlighted for this teaser, and well, he’s getting his groove on for sure! These skins are disco-themed with a space twist. Oh, and more tokens with a pinch of a chance to get a Grab Bag as usual! If you want to check the video out for yourself, here’s a portal for ya’:

Written by Johnny Django

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