Don’t be surprised if you actually see Sia‘s full face very soon. The singer-songwriter is shelving her iconic on-stage disguise as she promotes her upcoming directorial debut, MusicThe story is based on a short story that Sia wrote in 2007.

Music is an upcoming musical film directed by Sia, starring Kate HudsonMaddie Ziegler, and Leslie Odom Jr. The screenplay was co-written by Sia and children’s book author Dallas Clayton. The story is about a newly sober woman figuring out her place in the world when she learns she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister, Music (Ziegler), a young girl on the autism spectrum.


The notoriously private artist who typically dons a face-covering wig for public appearances said that she’s switching things up in order to embrace her latest role as a film director.

“I figured to talk about the movie you need your eyes… and if you’re gonna talk about feelings, you need your eyes,” she told ABC News. “So when I’m promoting the movie, this is my director vibe.”

“Can’t love me unless you love you too”

In addition to directing and co-writing the film, Sia also wrote ten songs for the soundtrack, which includes the current inspiring single, “Together.” The song was co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff and is accompanied by a music video which stars cast members, along with dancing children, all wearing outfits themed after clouds and rainbows.

The rainbow-colored video for the song seems to be a perfect fit for a message of unity for Pride Month; however, Sia says it just happened to work out that way.

The film is tentatively set for a September 2020 release in theaters and IMAX.

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