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Sentinels Are The Valorant Pop Flash Tournament Champions!

Sentinels are the champions of the final Valorant North American Ignition Series Tournament Pop Flash!

Sentinels executed Envy with a 3-0 sweep, and honestly, it wasn’t that fun to watch. The finals looked like my gold-ranked games; there weren’t too many insane things going on in that match. Anyways, Sentinels did come out on top:

Surprisingly, the teams that were least expected to reach the top have made statements in this tournament. The two lowest seeds, Envy and Dignitas, made it to the finals. Envy even got into the final match as well!

As for TSM and Immortals, high praise and expectation were put on them. Unfortunately, they both got eliminated before making the playoffs, which is kind of shocking.

Of course, I’m glad to see underdogs rise after being doubted almost every tournament they enter. Everyone gives high praise to the teams that are winning, and then they quickly bandwagon onto the next champions. It’s always been like this, way before esports was even a thing.

Underdogs Make Tournaments Fun

Tournaments are a lot more enjoyable when you don’t have one team winning the tournament every single time. For example, in League of Legends, SKT won 3 World tournaments almost back to back. That was incredibly boring during 2015-2016 because you knew who was going to win and get a new skin line.

I used to watch League of Legends esports, but lately, it hasn’t been so enjoyable. The Worlds tournament always boils down to LPL or LCK being at the top, but it’s not fun to watch. Anyways, I can’t wait to see Valorant’s version of Worlds tournament to come out! Congratulations, Sentinels are winning the final Ignition Series North American tournament!

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