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League of Legends Season 10 Has Ended, Preseason 11 Starts Tomorrow!

Season 10 was the most stressful season by far in League of Legends, but hopefully, Preseason 11 will rebound our feeling for this game!

A ton of crazy things happened in Season 10, but there is one issue that will only get worse and never change it seems. That issue is Toxicity, and Riot doesn’t care about it.

Until season 10 started, I’ve been able to enjoy the game solo. Fast forward to May 2020, you now have to have a premade or the chances of you getting trolled is pretty high. Not only trolled, but the amount of Toxicity that flies under the radar is ridiculous and honestly makes me not want to play the game sometimes.

Some of these players dodge the system by staying away from Keywords, since the bot won’t detect it. For instance, instead of saying “Kys” they say “Slit” or “Toaster Bath”. They find ways around these keywords and they go undetected. That was just one example of many.

This issue is nothing new, but it has definitely got 10x worse in 2020. Other than that, the new changes that are coming tomorrow look really nice! I already covered the Season 11 patch here, but I will run you down the most important changes.

Here are the Preseason 11 changes in a nutshell:

  • Items have been completely reworked
  • Jungle is now easier
  • Tanks will have a hard time in Season 11
  • Stats have changed
  • Runes have changed
  • They removed Promotions between Divisions (Finally)

That pretty much sums up the changes in a small section. Again, head over to my article on Season 11 for more details.

Johnny Django
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