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Looks Like We Are Going Into The Jungle In Season 2 Black Ops Cold War

Season 2 Black Ops Cold War takes to the jungle to rescue Adler! By the way, this ties in with Warzone, so could this mean a new map possibly? Hopefully, it does because I’m a bit tired of seeing Verdansk myself.

Anyway, the Cinematic opens with Woods flying a chopper into Laos, Southeast Asia, where Adler is apparently held. We get to see some returning weapons such as the Galil, Crossbow, and other weapons as well!

I can feel a new map change coming in Season 2, no way they don’t. I bet we will get to use that minigun in Season 2 Cold War as well. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates about the map on this site, and I will keep you posted once they reveal it!

Well, not just the map, of course. I will keep you posted on that new zombie event that’s supposed to come out in Warzone as well!

Johnny Django
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