Samira, The Desert Rose Has Been Revealed!

Samira, The Desert Rose has been revealed on League of Legends!

Samira was teased through an easter egg that showed her logo above your head. This logo would appear only if you got a kill under the 20% health threshold.

As for the champion herself, she has been revealed to be an assassin from Noxus, who has a grudge against Shurima. Samira holds a Sword, Pistol, and an SMG. Luckily, they’ve revealed almost everything besides actual gameplay:

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Her abilities are unique for sure, and Riot loves making complicated marksman, I guess. Samira’s passive has a style to it, and her stats are significantly increased depending on her “grade.” Here are all of her abilities for those who want to read themselves:

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I’m going to have to see the champion in action to understand what she does entirely. We thought Seraphine would release first, but it’s Samira who is coming before her. Along with this release, is her 1st skin “PsyOps Samira”:

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Fortunately, we do have her voice and quotes that show how much ego she has:

Not going to lie, she is my favorite character that they’ve come out with in the past two years. Lillia took no effort to make, Yone was made because they wanted Yasuo’s ban rate to lessen, and Sett was cool until you realized he gets kited exceptionally easily.

Lillia looks like they took about 3 hours max to come up with, they combined three champions to make Lillia. Yone is cool, but he is Yasuo with slightly better with his abilities. Yes, I’m bashing on champion design, but it’s hard not too when you can tell which champs they put time into vs. the ones they didn’t.

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