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Rumor – Wolverine Possibly Coming To Fortnite

Wolverine may be joining Fortnite here soon, but it’s just a rumor for now.

The Fortnite leaker community is hinting towards Wolverine being the “Secret Skin” of season 4. Big Fortnite leaker @hypex and a couple of other leakers have all hinted at Wolverine lately. So, there wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if this were true. They’ve already added Deadpool, Captain America, Black Widow, Cable, Psylocke, and Domino.

Hypex claims Epic is planning on making a Wolverine skin with his claws being his pickaxe. He also claims that this is from a “very trusted source”:

With the recent influx of comic book characters that have been added to the game, this is most likely the real deal. Wolverine is a really cool character that I feel doesn’t get enough recognition for his feats. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people like Wolverine by his movies, but how many people actually read his comics?

Comic Book Characters in Fortnite

Wolverine has done some incredible things in the comics that made me question how strong he really was at first. He fights the Hulk without fear, he fought an entire elite ninja clan, and he’s done so many ruthless things in the comics. That’s enough Wolverine talk, for now. Maybe in another article, I will share my thoughts on the character.

Along with this hero, comes 3 villains in an upcoming bundle in November. This bundle will have the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Midas Rex in it along with 3 backblings, 3 pickaxes, and a trail!

It’s crazy to see Fortnite grab all these big names from Marvel and DC, I would’ve never thought Fortnite would blow up like this. It’s far from a “dead game” like many claims, but it has become a haven for “sweats”. Not only that, but they are even suing Apple after they got removed from IOS.

I only see Fortnite expanding their roster of Icons from here. I think that Fortnite will survive another year or two before we see an actual decline.

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