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The Rosaria Banner Likely To Drop Soon, Here’s What You Need To Know.

Rosaria is on the minds of almost every player at the moment, but we don’t have a set date for when her Banner drops. That being said, they released a Character Demo today which always leads to a banner soon after. Venti’s Banner is coming to an end on April 6th, and the next banner has yet to be announced, which could mean… That Rosaria’s banner is up next! Check out her Demo here:

They also released a brief story about Rosaria as well, and even a smart remark from Kaeya. The story goes:

Rosaria is one of the sisters of Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius. Though she is just as much a woman of the cloth as the likes of Barbara and Jilliana, people tend to make a mental distinction between Rosaria and other members of the clergy. While she might dress the part – at least, to a certain extent – her speech and actions do not reflect her office in the slightest. Furthermore, she displays even less reverence towards the gods than the ordinary citizens, and she routinely skips her various church engagements.

If Rosaria has been lectured once, she has been lectured a thousand times before concerning her unorthodox behavior. For some reason, however, she has never faced any serious consequences for her transgressions. She does not work together with her church colleagues and only rarely shows up to celebratory events in the city. The strange and mysterious Rosaria moves about almost like a wisp of black smoke – blink, and you’ll miss her as she disappears into thin air.

As for Kaeya’s smart remark about Rosaria, you can find that out on her story page. Most likely, the banner will drop around April 9-10th with some other interesting characters as well. I also heard there were big things coming in the 1.5 update, so keep an eye out for that article I post about it whenever the time comes!

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