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Rocket League: Rival Series NA – The Peeps vs The Birdz and The Beez Recap.

The overall Match was amazing, so we are going to be focusing on the goals and how they assisted each other! Both teams equally skilled, it was hard to tell who was going to win! If I had to give MVP to one of these players, it’s going to Mist no cap. Anyways, let’s get into the recap.

Game 1:

Started off slow this round, but Roll Dizz centering the ball for Mist set off a streak for the rest of the match it seems. Check it out:

This was the only goal made during that round, each team was on edge afterward. Let’s move onto Game 2.

Game 2:

Mist recovering the ball for a goal after Hockseer battles with Arsenal for control putting BATB even more ahead at the start of the second round:Β 

Gyro blew up Roll Dizz for the easy goal by Retals to start catching TP back up:

Gyro again causing confusion between the BATB defense by knocking them off balance to allow Arsenal to tie up the score:

Gyro definitely earned MVP for that round itself! Great aggression, Great Teamwork, and Very Strategical!Β 

Game 3:

Roll Dizz shoots the ball right pass Arsenal for a 1 point lead:

Gyro once again setting up a clean shot for Arsenal with the nice Aerial juggle:

Hockseer coming in with the Buzzer Beater clutch shot to steal game 3:

Game 4:

Roll Dizz sets the ball up nice and pretty for Hockseer to continue the goal streak:

Mist locks onto the ball after Hockseer bounces it off the corner of the arena for an easy score, TP has got to do something soon:

Arsenal carrying out a beautiful pass to Gyro for a comeback:Β 

Retals catching the rebound to tie things up in Game 4:

Once again, Gyro with the amazing Aerial shot to put TP up in score in Game 4:

Gyro setting the ball up for Retals to crash it into the goal, earning TP the W for Game 4:Β 

Game 5:

Mist capitalizing off no defense at the start of game 5:

Gyro once again returning the favor by scoring over Hockseer:

Off the wall pass from Retals to Gyro for a point-blank goal:

Mist changing things around with his Aerial Shot:

Roll Dizz winning the match for BATB in overtime with this bank shot:

Both teams play very well, but it seems to have come down to luck at the end. It was very unpredictable as to who was going to win this match. Like I said at the start of this Recap, I’m giving Gyro MVP because man was that guy a team player! Setting up shots, Aerial Strikes on point, and is a good strategist!

What do you people think? Should TP have taken that win? Do you think Gyro deserves MVP? Lets us know down in the comment section!

Johnny Django
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