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I Revisited Roblox, and I’m Impressed By How Far It Came

Roblox was and still is one of my favorite gaming browsers. It’s hard to think of it as a browser gaming site, but it truly has grown from its release back in 2006!

For those of you who have no idea what Roblox is, it’s a realm of creativity. There are millions of games made by community members, built around basically any theme you can think of. You play various games with your avatar, and you can also become a creator as well.

It was everything I could ask for when I was younger. Whenever I got bored with blasting zombies, I would simply switch over to a Tycoon. At that time, things were very simple and they functioned okay-ish for its time.

Present Day ROBLOX

8 years have passed since I last hopped on Roblox, and I came back to a shockingly new experience. All the games have fancy UIs, nice animations, coding is insane, and the games functioned like AAA titles. Of course, this is just basic gaming requirements in 2020, but for a player that had never seen Roblox in this state, it was insane!

I started playing a couple of games, which included my favorite genre, Tycoon. I came across this one game that was super interesting, it was called “Miner’s Haven”. This is the most advanced Dropper Tycoon I’ve ever seen before, and that made me excited!

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I ran into this newer genre on Roblox, Tower Defense, which is really fun as well. You collect these units, place them on the battlefield, and watch them find the enemies running down a pathway. I’ve played one called “Tower Defense Simulator” and another called “All-Star Tower Defense”.

Tower Defense Simulator was too bland for my tastes, but the design overall for this game wasn’t bad at all:

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On the other hand, the second game All Star Tower Defense was pretty good! It featured iconic anime characters that had unique attacks, and on legendary themed maps! As you can see, I already found my meta:

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As for the last genre I decided to check out, had to revisit the classic zombie games! There wasn’t much change here, so this wasn’t that much more fun than it was before:

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I also tried out some Simulators as well, but they were all the same concepts. You click button > get currency > buy upgrades > earn more currency per click. No point in showing that idea off here, but everything else was sick!

Overall, I actually enjoyed Roblox once more. I didn’t have to deal with toxicity, Tycoons are relaxing, and it’s a friendlier environment to be in. I may be too old to be playing Roblox now, but hey it’s still fun.


Hello, my name is Kai and I'm a contributing writer for Digagami. I like to watch anime, play video games (League of Legends being my main squeeze), and share the news with you all!

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