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What Is Rerolling In Genshin Impact and Is It Worth It?

What is rerolling in Genshin Impact and is it worth it? I get asked this question a lot, mainly I boast to my discord server the moment I roll a 5-star character. It’s all thanks to rerolling.

That being said, I’m going to tell you what rerolling is and why I think it’s worth it today! Now, Genshin Impact is a Mobile/PC/Console Gacha Game (Keyword: Gacha).

Throughout Gacha game history, many players including myself would partake in this tradition of “Rerolling”. Rerolling is when you create an entirely new separate account in hopes that you receive better characters/loot on said account. I highly believe that certain accounts have better luck than others, and I put that to the test in two of the Gacha Games I played so far.

Yes, it’s a hassle to re-grind up to your main accounts rank if you do happen to have better luck on the reroll account. But in the case of Genshin Impact, that grind is worth it!

I made about 9 accounts on Genshin Impact before I got my new main account, which has four legendaries: Mona, Jean, Keqing, and Klee. That was just my luck at Adventure Rank 7, I did not pay a dime on this new account. Alright, before we get into how to Reroll, I have to address something first.

They Nerfed Rerolling Recently

EDIT: They completely destroyed Rerolling, they must’ve seen how good it was. Sorry for those of you who were too late. Now you get two chances instead of six… That’s not worth 20 minute runs each time.

MiHoYo is not stupid, they know what rerolling is because there is a high chance that the developers used to be rerolling abusers. So, recently changed the registration requirements.

When the game released close to a month ago, all you had to do was enter a Username and Password to make a new account. Now you have to have an Email in-order to make a new account. This isn’t much of a nerf, because there is still a flaw in the registration system.

You can use the same email multiple times, just by adding a period between letters/numbers. For example, it would look like this:


With each new dot, you can make another account under the same email. The more characters you have in your email, the more accounts you can create.

Will My Account Get Banned For Rerolling?

Depends, rerolling is allowed by MiHoYo surprisingly, as long as you aren’t planning to sell the rerolled accounts. The main reason for this registration change is due to account sellers. They are fine with rerolling for personal use, that would be a smart choice anyways.

Of course, they are going to ban account sellers because it’s taking money away from them. If you think about it though, those who are using rerolling for personal use would bring them in more money.Β  If you did reroll for Diluc or someone you really wanted, they can keep you in the game longer, most likely resulting in some gambling in the future.

How Do I Reroll?

Rerolling is a very simple but tedious operation. To put it simply: Create new account > play until Adventure Rank 7 > open mail to receive 40 summons > use duplicates currency to get an extra 10 summons.

Now, this does take about 20-30 minutes depending on how fast the player is. All you have to do is follow the storyline, don’t stop for stray mobs, and keep focused on the quest. After you finish clearing the wind from Mondstadt with Lisa’s help in the final dungeon, you can teleport back to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne the Receptionist for Adventurers Guild.

After you talk to her about the handbook and whatever, you should receive Adventure Rank 7. If you did not rank up, go and do one side quest quickly (The cooking girl in-front of the bridge leading to Mondstadt is a great choice).

  • QUICK NOTE: PS4 players can’t do rerolling, sorry. It locks onto your account, therefore making it super-hard to reroll on PS4.

After receiving Adventure Rank 7, you should have the spam of mail, which you then open to a number of Primogems and some fate. You turn the Primogems into Fate and summon, ultimately ending up with at least 50 Summons!

So you get 5 chances at getting great characters for each account! This is the trade-off for being free-to-play, it costs your time in return.

Is Rerolling Worth It?

Hell yeah, it’s worth it! Why grind on an account that you have no good or interesting characters on? You will be paying for summons in hopes that you get a better character, and that’s where they get you.

If you start off with good characters, you don’t have to worry about dropping bank on this game just to end with 4-star weapons. It’s free to start a new account and get 50 chances to possibly receive a 5-star character.

Not only the fact that it’s free, but it also costs over $15 just to summon 10 at once! That’s outrageous! No one in their right mind just thinks “Well spending $15 with 0.06% chance to roll Diluc doesn’t seem so bad”, and that means you have a gambling problem if you do think like this.

  • QUICK NOTE: Don’t own Genshin Impact on PC? Download it through FireFox here!

This is why they are called “Gacha” games, because they Gacha money. Get it? Gacha Money? Anyways, I don’t want to sound redundant, but I highly recommend rerolling. Do this at your own risk, no one is forcing you. If you think this method is for broke people, that’s crazy and all, but no one asked. Have fun with this information I bestowed upon you!

Written by Kai

Hello, my name is Kai and I'm a contributing writer for Digagami. I like to watch anime, play video games (League of Legends being my main squeeze), and share the news with you all!


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