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Rainbow Six Needs A Better Ranked System, And Here’s Why.

Having reached Plat myself during the Burnt Horizon season, I’ve noticed a lot of problems with the current ranking system. “I’m dropping ranks because playing in Diamond is boring” or “Diamond is all 5 mans” are sentences I hear frequently, and they aren’t wrong. Currently, there are 6 total Ranks with 3-4 divisions in each one. Here’s a chart with all ranks for those who haven’t played or seen Rainbow Six Siege:  

Now to someone who’s never played Rainbow Six Siege, this may look fine. Well, the truth is that Copper to Gold in Rainbow Six Siege is the equivalent of Iron to Silver in League of Legends. Gold is where the players start to become decent and then Platinum is all over the place! There’s a medium chance of getting placed with idio… 

All right, look, the point is, I feel as if Rainbox Six Siege would improve if more ranks were implemented to identify a player’s true skill.  I’m not saying “Yo Rainbow Six Siege sucks,” no, I want to see the game do better because it’s one of my favorites!

I felt it was too easy to get to Platinum, and Platinum in Rainbow is borderline pro-level compared to other games. Could it be that I’m good at the game and I’m just blind? No, in 35% of my games I dropped 3 to 4 kills, which is barely useful. In the rest of my games, I dropped 7 to 12 kills, depending on the synergy.

What do you think? Am I trippin’ or do I have a point? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Known as "The Level-Headed One" Fathom is the voice of reason who often brings calm to the chaos in Digagami. He's an avid gamer. He's got a passion for competitive E-sports.

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