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Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn Full Reveal

Ubisoft shows off Operation Neon Dawn for Rainbow Six Siege featuring one Operator this time. The Operation is called “Neon Dawn” and the new character goes by “Aruni”.

Aruni sets up a laser gate that blocks any projectile that tries to pass through it. It also damages players who try to walk through and turns off whenever defenders walk near it. No, it doesn’t block bullets so you don’t have to worry about that part.

She also has a prosthetic arm that can punch big holes into walls, break hatches, and has a slightly melee long-range. Let’s check her gameplay out:

All that was cool, and the upcoming Skyscraper rework as well! To be honest though, after the hacker issue (Which is still happening) the game hasn’t been the same. After Ember Rise, they gave up on trying to solve the issue and the game became unplayable for someone in High Gold – Diamond elo.

I was in Platinum 2 and then I got hit with a whole wave of hackers. They would beam me through walls, beam me through floors, and sometimes even shoot from their spawn which made it obvious they were hacking. Of course, those people were banned 5 MONTHS later, which was kinda pointless at that point.

Hopefully, the hacker situation gets solved in the future. If you are an R6S player who feels like they did fix it, feel free to comment down below your opinion.

Written by Johnny Django

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