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League of Legends – Qiyana and Her Abilities!

The moment has finally come! The new jungler (Which was mentioned in alongside the Mordekaiser Rework) has been revealed to be a Sivir Rework! 

I’m just kidding of course! From what we’ve gathered from this new Teaser, She can control 3 elements! In the teaser, she hints her abilities by describing them in a mysterious way while the camera pans to different parts of her Circle Blade! 

Qiyana Teaser

When the Camera pans to each color of her circle blade:

“I have raised Jungles” (Green)

“Shaped lands” (Red)

“Commanded Rivers” (Blue)

There is bound to be CC in her kit

(Edit) Her abilities were just revealed by Riot’s Top Secret Channel:

Qiyana Trailer:

Royal Privilege (Passive)

Edge of Ixtal (Q)

Terrashape (W)

Audacity (E)

Supreme Display of Talent (R)

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