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PUBG is implementing a new Weapon Mastery System!

On April 15th 9 PM EST, PUBG tweeted about their new Weapon Mastery System that they were going to be adding a week after April 17th. Here’s how it works.

“Weapon Mastery aims to encourage healthy play in PUBG where both weapon skill and the effort to be the last man standing are rewarded in tandem.” claims the PUBG Mastery Team, but it can also be used to flex on your friends or enemies by showing them how skilled you are with that weapon. How to progress through weapon mastery? There are 10 Mastery Tiers, there are also 10 levels between each Mastery Tier. You need to kill other players and survive with that weapon to gain XP for that specific weapon, rinse and repeat until you level all the way up to the 10th tier.

Weapon Mastery Screen:

Last Match Weapon Mastery Results:

But wait, there’s more! They are also rewarding you with Charms that you can flash out your weapon with, I can’t help but to only think about Rainbow Six Siege when I hear charms on weapons.Β 

Preview of some Charms:

As for the new Weapons Mastery Tiers, the developers of the system are working on how to show off your Tier on a weapon to everyone. Like I said at the start of the article, there are 10 levels between each tier ensuring rewards for leveling up with said weapon. Here’s a look at the tiers from PUBG:

Last but not least, PUBG is also introducing medals. Medals just like in most of the games in the past decade that present awesome or rare feats you have accomplished are finally making its way into PUBG. Here’s a look at some of the medals:

This new Weapon Mastery System is said to be the “first piece of a much larger system currently being designed” said at the ending of the Weapon Mastery Article. What do you guys think about the new system? Let us know in the comment section.

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