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Perkz Officially Parts From G2 Esports and Now Rumored To Arrive in NA!

Alright, now I know we usually only cover North American news, but this has to do with NA now. Perkz has parted ways with G2 and rumors are spreading that he is now going to Cloud 9.

What makes this so bizarre is that he is apparently the most expensive player in Esports currently:

Worth $5 million according to Jacob Wolf, that is mind-blowing. Anyways, the rumors are being thrown around like a football at the moment, and Cloud 9 also replied under Perkz parting tweet from G2:

It’s funny how Cloud 9 is trying to play off the situation so they can make an announcement later. With all that being said, Perkz will be reunited with Zven, who won “three EU LCS titles from 2016-17.”

Hopefully, North America wins one Worlds tournament before I stop caring about this game…

Johnny Django
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