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Overwatch Year of the Ox Event Live Now!

Overwatch is back again with another Lunar New Year event, which features the Year of the Ox! As usual, select heroes receive Chinese new year skins! This year’s select heroes are:

  • Orisa
  • Bastion
  • Echo
  • Widowmaker
  • Ashe
  • Reaper (Week 3 Skin)
  • Baptiste (Week 1 Skin)
  • McCree (Week 2 Skin)

Of course, Orisa is the Ox in this situation with her amazing Bull Demon skin! The weekly free skins are Terracotta Medic (Baptiste) 1st Week, Xiake (McCree) 2nd Week, and Imperial Guard (Reaper) 3rd week! This event also features a new Gamemode “Bounty Hunter.” It’s a free-for-all match where everyone is a bounty hunter tracking down one Target! If you land the killing blow on the Target, you become the next one!

Two other game modes are coming with the event “Capture The Flag Blitz” and “Capture The Flag!” They didn’t state this on their event page, but I’m pretty sure they give you one free Event Chest. When I did play Overwatch, they did, at least.

LEARN MORE: Outriders Public Beta starts this month as well!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this Lunar New Year event of 2021! Overwatch Year of The Ox events starts today and ends on the 25th of February! Let us know what skin you ended up getting as well!

Hello, my name is Kai and I'm a contributing writer for Digagami. I like to watch anime, play video games (League of Legends being my main squeeze), and share the news with you all!

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