Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Coming Soon

Overwatch recently put out a teaser on Twitter of their new event called “Storm Rising.” It’s told that the Event will last from April 16th to May 6th, along with that also came the caption “> Accessing archived file… Decryption status: IN PROGRESS Target: Located.”.

Check out the Teaser right here:

At the start of the Teaser, we hear Sojourn (New Character Maybe?) contacting Commander Morrison (Soldier:76). She starts by saying “We’re going about catching Doomfist the wrong way, He’s clean but his accountant Maximilian? Follow the money, and you’ll find the dirt you need.”.

Following up those words, she then states that Tracer is in charge of the mission (Storm Rising). Tracer along with Mercy, Winston, and Genji will be going on what seems to be an undercover mission. Now they set out to take down Talon!

Johnny Django
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