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New Official Genshin Impact Stat Tracker

MiHoYo just released their new official Genshin Impact stat tracker called “My Battle Chronicle“! You can see your World Progress, Character Friendships, World Exploration, and Spiral Abyss statistics.

You can access My Battle Chronicle by logging into the official MiHoYo Forums here. From there, you click on your profile icon at the top-right of the page, and click “Account Info”. It should automatically pop-up My Battle Chronicle for you. If it didn’t, it should be the very first option under Account Info.

I love these nice additions they are making towards the game! Also, I missed the Version 1.2 going live deadline, which it did on December 23rd, 2020. They added two new five stars “Albedo” and “Ganyu” to the roster of playable characters!

Albedo being a 5-star Geo character that wields a Sword, and Ganyu being a 5-star Cyro character that wields a Bow. They also added a new snow area named “Dragonspire”, which looks super badass! You can read more about this update here.

Surprised you haven’t clicked off this article yet, but I wanted to know what your stats look like! If you have some stats that you wanted to show off, put them down in the comment section below! Everybody should be proud of their achievements!

Edit: You can make the Official Genshin Impact Stat Tracker public by the way!

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