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Mordhau – The Medieval MultiPlayer Hack n’ Slash

Mordhau was actually revealed 3 years ago (2016) and has been in Closed Alpha ever since. Mordhau finally releases April 29th on Steam, the moment everyone has been waiting for! This game takes the skill you’ve acquired from For Honor and mixes it with a more fast-paced Hack n’ Slash combat. It almost looks as if you are playing in VR with how smoothly your character swings.

Here’s a Devblog showing you how Mordhau’s combat works:

From what we know right now, this game doesn’t have a storyline but it’s worth the time you invest in it! One of the game’s developers states in the Devblog 1 Basics video, “A single skilled player can take out several other players alone, just because he’s better at the game”. In some way, I can believe that statement. The looming question is, “How often will you be in 1v1 situations?”. The game still looks like fun even though that might be a factor.

What do you think? Do you think you could get into Mordhau? Let us know in the comment section!

Johnny Django
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