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Minecraft’s New Update “Village & Pillage” Gives Villagers An Upgrade!

So the moment every Minecrafter has been waiting for has finally arrived! With Minecraft’s Village & Pillage update, we can say goodbye to the same suit villagers who don’t do anything besides walking around! Before I get into further Detail, here’s their trailer so you can get a better understanding of what I’m talking about:

So there isn’t too much we could tell from this trailer, but there are some details that we should pick up on from it. Other than the villagers dancing, we see 2 villagers crafting weapons, a villager feeding an Ocelot, a villager with a monocle throwing what seems to be treasure maps out of his windows, and at the end, we witness the “Pillager” part of the update. After he defeats those pillagers, the villagers throw loot such as Weapons, Food, Armor, and Gems which we can safely say that you are rewarded for protecting them. Every Villager has a job now, that’s awesome!

As for the Pillagers, well it’s very simple. They are raiders basically and they kill and steal loot, just like every other bandit, raider, or bad group in any other game. You can find their outpost, and from what I read you can also find a Pillager Portal. But there are more patch notes here, enjoy!

Johnny Django
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