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Minecraft Is Coming To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! I think this reveal was more surprising than a Creeper hissing behind you in a mine. Of course, we got Steve, then we got three other characters as well! Check out this video before we dive further in:

Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman have all been announced today! I find it pretty funny how they included the pistol into Steve’s ultimate. All their moves are everyday actions in Minecraft. From what the trailer showed, it looks like you can mine for Iron and craft a Sword for a damage buff.

Anyways, there will be more details on these four new characters on October 3rd!

Written by Johnny Django

Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.


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